Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Leveraging tech where we need it

As the number of mortgage loan products available to borrowers continues to shrink, the companies that provide product and pricing engines have been having a tough time. But a new twist on that concept might actually do the industry a lot of good.

The Mortgage Press Ltd., publisher of official publications for the state affiliates of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers, has launced a new Web-based job board designed to enable mortgage industry job seekers to find mortgage employment nationwide. The tool is available at

“According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the mortgage industry has lost 79,000 jobs since its peak in February of 2007,” said Andrew T. Berman, executive vice president of The Mortgage Press Ltd. “These displaced mortgage professionals are looking for new and niche opportunities that are available for them. Everything from FHA underwriting jobs, to branch manager programs, to reverse mortgage originators and more will be available through this site.”

In addition to employment search tools, job seekers will have access to job alerts, cover letters, anonymous resume postings and more, the company said.

Employers will get the industry’s job posting and resume searching tools through the site, including access to active and passive job candidates. All job postings will be part of the OneClick™ Cross-Posting Network, the Web’s leading job posting network.

“As some of the larger mortgage companies downsize and are laying off employees, there is no more opportune time for smaller- to mid-sized mortgage companies to seize some of the top talent available and capture a larger piece of a smaller pie,” said Joel M. Berman, president of The Mortgage Press Ltd.

That may be true, but they'd better hurry before all of the best executives leave to find employment elsewhere.

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