Monday, July 21, 2008

Austin, Texas-based VueCentric's MortgageDashboard LOS now has a seamless integration with Mortgage XSites by a la mode, Oklahoma City.

Using an a la mode Mortgage XSite, MortgageDashboard users can now export their new loan applications directly to their MortgageDashboard LOS – completely eliminating re-keying of data which saves time and money.

Under the deal, when a new customer signs onto MortgageDashboard, they will automatically receive a free Originator level XSite with a 20-day trial of the Office level XSite features, including the integration with MortgageDashboard.

The integration also enables users who sign up on the Mortgage XSite side to receive a fully integrated MortgageDashboard account.

“We talk to loan officers every day who are looking for ways to work from anywhere. Web-based LOS products like MortgageDashboard are leading the way in making that happen. To us, this integration was a no-brainer,” said Brad Eaton, vice president of mortgage products for a la mode. “Saving loan officers time and money has always been a benefit of using Mortgage XSites.”

Additionally, users will be able to provide intuitive, online 1003 applications for their Web site visitors, enjoy effortless search engine optimization tools, and choose from more than 300 design themes when selecting the look and feel of their Web site. The site provides limitless lead capture forms for lead generation, instant, do-it-yourself changes and the ability to make changes instantly without the help of an expensive Internet consultant. 24 x 7 x 365, live tech support from the a la mode headquarters in Oklahoma City also comes at no extra charge.

My favorite part: At no additional cost, users can also launch their own mortgage blogs.

The entire package costs $499 a year, without any monthly or hidden fees.

“The mortgage market is slowing down, so we want to offer originators every opportunity to originate more loans,” said Jorge Sauri, CEO of VueCentric. “Now a la mode is integrated into MortgageDashboard and it’s easier than ever for loan originators to generate more leads.”

MortgageDashboard™ is a completely paperless system based on the concept of Software as a Service that offers all of the tools mortgage brokers and bankers need from origination to funding. MortgageDashboard provides loan product optimization, loan application processing, and all state-specific forms and disclosures. Additionally, MortgageDashboard allows users to manage documents, order vendor services, update borrowers and real estate agents, generate leads, perform effective marketing and much more from any Internet connection.

Founded in 1985, a la mode develops desktop, mobile, and Web tools for the real estate and mortgage industries.

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