Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This blog will die

It was with a lot of deep (and sometimes confused) thought and hand wringing that I decided to switch my blog from to WordPress. It's so hard to break a habit. I've been on the Blogger platform since 2005 and it has always served me well. But that's primarily because I never asked much of it. That is changing.

In the very near future, all of my posts will appear on my website at I'll leave this page up for a while, but eventually it will disappear.

I won't be giving up my Blogger account anytime soon, however. I've found it a very handy tool for use when fleshing out an idea or working on a project with a small team.

For those of you interested in keeping up on the technology that serves financial services and the New Media tools that can serve all of us, be sure to update your bookmarks to my website.

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