Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MIAC broker for servicing portfolio

Mortgage Industry Advisory Corporation (MIAC), New York, reports that the company is acting as exclusive representative of the seller of a $1.66 billion FHLMC ARC bulk mortgage servicing portfolio.

MIAC provides analytical tools that investors in mortgage-related assets have used for valuation purposes for decades. In some cases, it also represents buyers or sellers of these assets, which is handy because the company is among the best in the world at putting an accurate valuation on the assets in play.

In this case, MIAC reports that the the portfolio has several attractive characteristics including:
  • $122,498 Average Loan Size
  • 96% Fixed Rate loans
  • Weighted average interest rate of 5.808%
  • Weighted average loan Age of 63 months
  • National Geographical Distribution
MIAC will provide loan level portfolio data in electronic format upon request. The Offering Memorandum is available online. The bid date is Friday, July 30, 2010. Interested parties should contact their MIAC representatives with any questions about the portfolio sale.

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