Wednesday, April 04, 2012

TSS Software Launches Seminar Series

TSS Software Corporation, Annapolis, Maryland, will send a training team around to a number of state and regional land title association gatherings to provide a live version of its successful “Do You Know?” seminars.

The live events will be pattered after a Webinar series designed to help TSS customers optimize use of their TitleExpress software. The “Do You Know?” Live series kicks off in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on June 3rd.

“Our goal with the “Do You Know?” Live series is to ensure that our customers are using TitleExpress to its fullest potential,” said Barbara Miller, TSS’s president and chief operating officer. “These events offer significant training opportunities in an intimate, fun environment where audience interaction is encouraged.”

Visit the event calendar at or call 443-321-5600 for detailed information or to register for an upcoming TSS live seminar.

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