Monday, January 07, 2013

Jim Kirchmeyer sells his firm

In what appears to be an acquisition, though it's hard to tell from the release, Kirchmeyer and Canadian valuation provider Solidifi will become one firm. The news was release via PR Newswire this morning.

I was retained by Solidifi when it first made entry into the US market and I've known Jim Kirchmeyer for many years. I believe this could be a very powerful combination that other firms in the space should take seriously. Jim wrote the book on testing AVMs, well, two actually.

Jim owns a couple of firms (at least) and the release did not make it clear whether Solidifi would also get Real Info, Jim's AVM company.

Jim has dabbled with other firms in his niche before, working closely with both Veros and ZAIO, before returning to Buffalo to run his own company.

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