A new view on the industry

After serving as a reporter and editor for the trade press since 1997, I've decided to try something new. Over the past six or seven years, I've written hundreds of stories, most recently about the technologies that mortgage lenders are using to cut costs and improve operational efficiencies. I want to continue doing that as a freelance writer, but I think there is more that I can do.

After talking to executives all over this industry and working for and with some of the best editors in the business, I think I'm in a rather unique position. I've learned to tell a good story from a run-of-the-mill press release. Furthermore, I can translate complicated technical information into a story that will educate a business executive interested in investing in a new technology.

So, I've been working on some ways to leverage these abilities. I'll tell you about some of my ideas in this space. But I also reserve the right to comment on the industry. I'll talk a lot about technology, but I won't limit myself to that. In some cases, I'll open up this space to your comments.

Oh, I should tell you that I can't guarantee you get any value out of this. Also, for the first time, I'm not accountable to any employer, so these thoughts are my own and do not represent the opinions of any of my former employers.


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