Podcast: Mark Dangelo

Mark Dangelo is the author of the new book Innovative Relevance. It's a guidebook for corporate change written by a technology executive with a great deal of experience. Want to know why most technology initiatives fail? Mark can tell you. And he does it with flair in his new book.

You can find out more at Amazon.com or on his website.

I recently spoke with Mark for my Business & Technology Podcast.

Click here to listen. (10.41 Mb; 22:12 minutes)

Questions answered in this podcast:
00:47 What is Innovative Relevance (IR)?
02:00 Why is IR necessary in today's environment?
02:52 What are the minimum requirements for implementing IR?
04:41 What are the major benefits that can be achieved?
06:33 What kinds of firms can benefit from this framework?
09:15 What prompted you to write this book?
11:21 What about firms already in the midst of an alignment? Can if benefit them?
12:54 What about the benefits for individual executives?
14:29 Will it help firms interested in implementing a global strategy?
16:32 If a firm already has an advisor, won't this be a duplication of effort?
18:03 How fast can a reader be ready to implement IR?
19:37 Where could the mortgage industry use this tool?
21:26 Where can our listeners get your new book?

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