Scheduling MBA Tech

The news announcements have now started to load my inbox as various technology vendors vie for position as they use the Mortgage Bankers Association's Technology in Mortgage Banking conference to connect with prospects. While the rumors I'm hearing indicate that some players are starting to feel that the event's bang:buck ratio is getting a little low, there will still be plenty of folks there talking about new technologies and what they might mean to the mortgage industry.

I'll be there to promote my new business, but also to touch base with some very smart people I've reported on over the years. I'll also be speaking on a panel called "Mortgage Technology and the Trade Press." Scott Kersnar, Tony Garritano and Neil Morse will also be on the panel. Michael Murray of MBANewslink will moderate. Janet Hewitt was scheduled to appear, but she will be on deadline and word is she won't make it, which is disappointing. For companies that are confused about why they are not getting more ink or for firms interested in finding out more about why journalists choose to write the stories they do, this could be a very informative session. I hope to see you there.


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