Meetings: MBA Annual Convention

In the past, I always carried a micro-cassette recorder to important business conferences. You never know when someone is going to say something you'll want to remember. This year, I'll be packing an MP3 player. For the same reason.

My new company, Texell Interactive Media, will be recording podcasts both on the tradeshow floor and at Source Media's Mortgage Technology magazine award ceremony. If you'd like to find out more about podcasting, drop us an e-mail. We'll be recording executives throughout the course of each day and then posting the resulting podcasts to our website. But we only have a limited number of slots available. If you've got something to say, give us a call at 800-979-9049 and we'll get you on the air.

Watch this space for information about our new website where you can learn more about podcasting, blogs and using video over the Internet to communicate in exciting new ways.

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