Expert: Speech recognition software is ready

Since Captain Kirk first addressed the ship's computer, we've been waiting for a solid application to handle speech recognition. While there have been some tools available to consumers for a few years now, most of them are fairly simple. So is the technology used by Microsoft for its XP speech recognition offering. At least that's what one executive told us at NAR this weekend.

"If those tools are about a 4 on the scale, our new tool is a 41," said Larry Spencer, vice president of business development for Fidelity National Real Estate Solutions. Fidelity is integrating the new technology into a number of its products, including Transaction Point, Management Center and its MLS solutions.

Spencer said real estate agents would soon be interacting directly with Fidelity's computers to get home listing information they need to do their jobs. But it won't be like the Interactive Voice Response technology we've seen in the past. Imagine the MLS system getting a new listing in a neighborhood and calling up a real estate agent to give her the news.

"It will be like their own personal concierge," Spencer said.

Fidelity will roll out the technology across all of its offerings in the future.

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