Idea: Get your podcasts on Yahoo

More evidence that people are at least sensing the power of podcasting is found in the recently launched Yahoo! Podcasts Beta. The site appears to be another podcast search engine, but with millions of users, Yahoo! has the power to introduce the tool to a much larger audience.

To avoid turning off new listeners by exposing them to one of the thousands of really bad podcasts, the site features podcasts from Ebert & Roeper, TWiT (This Week in Tech), and National Public Radio.

Perhaps most interesting is a detailed explanation of how to produce your own podcast and, more importantly, what to do with it once you have it.

Google did something similar for blogging when it launched its blog search engine over a month ago. It owns Blogger, a popular blogging platform. Google has yet to provide a search engine specific to podcasting.

I am impressed with the way Yahoo! is handling this. Like Blogs and Video Blogs, the vast majority of the content available today is pretty awful (which is fine, as most of these people are youngsters just learning a craft that will be very important in the future). Knowing this, Yahoo! even provides a list of suggested topics that new podcasters can use for their own programming. This might help some of these new artists avoid the cardinal sin common to all of these new media tools: being boring. I'm looking forward to finding some good new content through this tool.


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