Meetings: NAR a hit in San Francisco

We're podcasting in San Francisco this weekend at the National Association of Realtor's annual convention. A great crowd and two exhibit halls filled with vendors. We're here on behalf of a client, offering free podcasts as a premium to their partners and clients. It's a great application of Internet audio.

Realtors have not been generally viewed as a tech savvy lot, and yet anyone attending this show might think otherwise. Many of the vendors on the floor are offering real estate technology and all of the mortgage lenders we've seen have been making technology a key element of their offerings. The Realtors on the floor seem to be getting it. They're asking intelligent questions and many are taking notes.

One thing is for certain: the buzz here is that the business of real estate is changing. While the market has been great over the past few years, folks here are telling us that it will get tougher in the future. Many attendees are looking for tools that will help them do a better job of selling and managing the customer relationship. As one vendor told us this morning, "They're trying to learn how to be nice to people."

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