William Mills Agency: Starting a conversation

Those of you in the market for a new loan origination system (LOS) -- which, according to editor and pundit Scott Kersnar is most of you at any given time -- should take note of the roundtable conversation transcribed and posted to the MBA TechLink website. A number of industry LOS notables, including John Walsh and Keven Smith are quoted.

The William Mills Agency, along with industry trade journalist and former Freddie alum Jeff Noe, are responsible for the content. There are actually three parts to the transcript, which MBA Techlink is posting over the same number of weeks.

What's not in the release: The transcript is very interesting, but what really intrigues me about this is that it started out as a recorded event. At one point, the actual voices of the these experienced executives were captured, their thoughts crystallized in time.

Executives have always spoken their minds for the record in full knowledge that they were being recorded. But most of them count on journalists to "clean it up" a bit afterward as they make it ready for publication. In this case, they call it "edited for clarity."

Expect to see more audio-based communication tools being used by executives in the future. But as we continue to advance, expect to get access to the actual recordings. This will be better for the companies as they will be free to send unedited messages, and better for buyers who know they are getting the whole story.

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