Y-Waite: New bundled services platform

Dwayne Waite of Y-Waite Solutions has announced his firm's Magellan bundled services system. Waite is both the firm's president and chief technology officer, which I find very interesting. Typically, the developer of a new technology builds an organization to market and sell the new offering. In this case, Waite has been working behind the scenes in the industry for some time.

According to the firm's website, Magellan is a workflow-based Vendor Management System that automates order processing, monitors service levels, and enables improved vendor performance to ensure client satisfaction.

What's not in the release: I met Waite at last year's TAVMA (Title & Appraisal Vendor Management Association) Bundled Services Conference. At the time, he was talking about some work he had done with a major industry VMC (see below). While the company may be a new name to some, I expect Waite will be a serious contender. I'll be back at another TAVMA show next month and hope to talk to him. I'll let you know if I catch him.

In the meantime, you can find out more about his company from October Research. The firm's Real Estate Technology Insight newsletter is currently running a six-part case study on Waite's company and the implementation and upgrade of technology it performed for that VMC I alluded to above.

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