BAI: Podcasting too at retail delivery

Texell Interactive Media won't be the only folks podcasting at the upcoming BAI Retail Delivery show in Orlando. The BAI itself plans to be producing a few shows of its own during the event, according to an organization staffer.

BAI has been exploring the new medium for some time and now says it's ready to begin producing content. I applaud them. Podcasts can be very powerful tools if the content is valuable and well produced. A trade organization, with its access to thought leaders from across the industry, is positioned well to provide great content. We wish them well.

Who else is podcasting? ABC Television, Whirlpool, Drexel University, IBM and hundreds of other companies across the country.

What we think will happen: More companies will dive into podcasting over the next 18 months, some to experiment, most due to competitive pressures. The vast majority of the content will be unimaginative, poorly produced and ultimately ignored. Many companies will then abandon the medium, leaving the best podcasters with a competitive advantage as they will have a loyal base of listeners to prospect from.

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