Vuecentric: Updates its MortgageDashboard

If you've never seen a demo of Vuecentric's MortgageDashboard Web-based loan origination system you probably don't know how elegant and simple these tools can be to use. The company recently announced that it has released an updated version of the application that it says will make it even easier for loan officers to use.

Version 3.0 includes the updated 1003 and 1008 forms, but also includes updates to the underlying WebOrchestra platform and the BundleOne electronic partner network tool. Taken together, the tools are finding a home with net branch operators and other originators that need to coordinate the activities of decentralized originators without limiting their ability to set up workable deals quickly.

Most loan origination software will be Web-based in the future, I expect. Vuecentric has a jump on this. Mortgage companies seeking a new lending platform should check out this software before making a decision.

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