Feedback: Dangelo comments on 'babble

The following comment was received from international business principal, advisor, and author Mark P. Dangelo in regard to a recent post on Mortgage Banking magazines expanded technology coverage.

The challenge has been and continues to be about real and measured business benefits. The use of technology terms and marketing “euphuisms” has been around since the early days of the mainframe (believe it or not nearly 60 years). Additionally, the practical and real-world usage and integration of software into the millions of lines of code resident in any one given organization (probably approaching trillions today) is the real measure of success for a vendor, a customer, and a reviewer/reporter.

Failure to speak with customers on their usage, perceptions, and expense of deployment and maintenance is just as “heinous” as claiming they have techno-babble in their marketing literature. As a CEO bluntly put it to me 15 years ago, “it’s about the numbers; it’s always about the numbers!” It’s time our industry and publications takes stock in more than “cursory” reviews. It is notable that the MB Tech article begins to take a critical eye on vendors and their claims – that’s only the toe in the water.

The need for independent validation and verification has come and is just waiting for someone/some organization with the credibility and forum to make it work. Without this, the “justification trips” to the corner offices of the CFO or CEO for investment will continue to be an “art” and not a science.


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