QuestSoft: Forms alliance with Harland

Actually, QuestSoft has formed an additional alliance with Harland Financial Solutions, according to one of the company's recent press releases.

The Laguna Hills, Calif.-based company reports that a new interface combines QuestSoft's HMDA and CRA RELIEF with from Harland.

This interface enables customers to seamlessly transfer data, automating the compliance process for regulations governing both the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA) and Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). Users of can utilize the integrated platform to originate loans and manage borrower data more efficiently, while checking the compliance status of loans against the latest HMDA and CRA requirements. The interface also increases efficiency and profitability for mortgage lenders by decreasing the time needed to make and close loans.

"We formed our alliance with QuestSoft to offer customers a tool for simplifying their HMDA and CRA compliance processes," said Bob DeLay, director, Lending Systems Product Development for Harland Financial Solutions. "This integration helps meet lenders' demands for an enhanced level of compliance, which enables staff to maintain their focus on boosting profitability." is a browser-based loan and deposit account origination suite. Its interface with QuestSoft allows users to instantly import names, property addresses, and up-to-date HMDA data. Users may create more than 30 graphically detailed analysis reports while automatically checking and correcting dozens of common HMDA errors. The integrated solution provides a faster reporting process, which could save users up to 90 percent of the time it takes to manually prepare HMDA reports.

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