Trendwatch: More technology in the news

The January issue of Mortgage Banking, the magazine of real estate finance put out by the Mortgage Bankers Association, features a new section. MB Tech is the publication's quarterly mortgage technology report. The first one is well worth checking out.

Of particular interest if the Technobabble column. Of the sales material provided by one unmaned LOS manufacturer at a recent conference, the editors write:

"Clearly, this is an energetic company with talented people, but we found too many empty promises in the sales literature and believe it or not -- some technobabble."
When the technology firm asserted that its software is "suited for the individual broker, yet meeting the needs of the biggest banks," the editors sniffed "This is simply impossible."

With more firms investigating SOA-based architectures and building software that calls out to modules as they are required by the user, I wonder how many tech developers would agree with MB Tech? Feel free to comment below.

Whether you agree with the editors or not, technology is only going to be more important in the days ahead. The industry needs this type of content. I'm glad to see MBA stepping up to provide it.

On, and be advised, MB Tech is on the lookout for more technobable, so you might want to have another look at your marketing collateral.


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