Martopia: Hammond is a huge win

Martopia, a strategic marketing and creative firm that owns a significant stake in Texell, recently hired former Dynatek communications executive Michael Hammond. This is a huge win for that company.

I've worked with Hammond for a number of years now and found him to be a highly skilled communications professional. He and his team have done a great job promoting Dynatek's software. MORvision has been a very solid LOS for a long time now and it's Titanium release is really good. But even the best technology will sit on the shelf and gather dust if it isn't properly promoted. Hammond was instrumental in doing that job for Dynatek and now Martopia hopes he can take their message to companies he's been working with to develop Dynatek Plug-ins for MORvision.

Dynatek works with companies all over the space and has done a fantastic job of building partnerships that basically fulfilled the promise of SOA-based architectures long before they were the buzzword they are today.

Texell handles a lot of the multimedia work required to help Martopia's clients get their stories told. If you braved the hurricane and attended last year's MBA Annual to see Dynatek launch Titanium, you know that Hammond understands the power of multimedia.

We congratulate our partner on scoring a top pro to join their team and look forward to working with Michael in the days ahead.


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