Fifth Third: Seeking AEs in PA, NJ

Wholesale lenders are reading the writing on the wall, just like brokers are. As the market turns, lenders will have to fall back on their third-party origination networks to combat falling volume. Meanwhile, brokers are re-learning what it means to set up valuable community partnerships that provide wins for both parties without violating RESPA.

On the lender side, I'm starting to hear from companies that are seeking either good originators, good wholesale account executives, or both.

Dan Keller is the new regional sales manager for Fifth Third (53) Mortgage Wholesale Lending in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He recently dropped me a line to let me know he was seeking experienced mortgage pros in Central PA and the Philadelphia metro area. Here's how he describes the opportunity:

"Fifth Third is the nation's largest "super regional" bank ($111 billion in assets and growing; we aim to double in size before the end of the decade). We're already operating in a number of Midwestern and Southern states and opened up Pennsylvania two years ago. We're now committed to making a major move into wholesale mortgage lending in PA and NJ.

"Fifth Third Mortgage Wholesale is run by a group of ex-Wells Fargo executives, most notably Bob Lewis and my boss, Chris Knox. They both had long and successful careers with Wells Fargo. 53, across all its lines of business, has the reputation of being super aggressive and very customer focused. I'm excited about the pportunity to open up these two states."

You can contact Dan directly via e-mail.

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