PMC2006: A great show

I've attended a lot of shows over my years as a journalist covering financial services. There are a number of organizations in this space that do a great job of putting on good shows. Having been part of a company that hosted them, I can tell you it is no easy undertaking.

I'm always happy to see new organizations do a good job at putting on a new show or a vendor hosting a truly valuable users conference (as opposed to a great way to sell more stuff to existing customers while making them pay for the travel and entertainment).

I recently attended the 2006 Predictive Methods Conference in Dana Point, Calif. Hosts Veros Software and First American Real Estate Solutions have built this annual show into a valuable, must-attend event for those actively working in the risk mitigation and business forecasting divisions of financial services firms.

A great lineup of speakers, a good mix of show sponsors and a great venue all helped make this a suprisingly good show. If you missed it, surf to the website. Shortly, you'll find information about the program, slides and some podcasts we produced with folks at the event.

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