Mortgage Cadence: A new trainer on the team

It's getting easier to build really cool technology, but it's just as difficult as it has ever been to get people to use it. Adoption is a constant problem for vendors that invest millions in getting all the bells and whistles built into their platforms only to find that no one takes the time to utilize their power.

Today's new SOA-based core systems are a good example. Basically, these systems use Services Oriented Architectures to enable the loose coupling of disparate systems spread out across one or more networks. Using business rules engines, users can program the system to reach out through the network for services specific to each business case. Even the smallest lenders have numerous business cases that call for different combinations of products and services, so the software has the potential to add all kinds of efficiencies to their operations. If they'll use it.

While just about every lender likes to feel that their operation is unique and so requires the vendor to provide a custom version of its software through custom configuration of a single core processing system. Few lenders feel confident enough to configure the new system on their own.

This is a problem for vendors marketing SOA-based loan origination systems because if lenders don't take advantage of the capabilities, they're likely to switch to another system in search of functionality that is already available but untapped in their existing platform.

Recently, Mortgage Cadence, a Denver-based provider of such systems, appointed Richard L. Click to be its new Vice President of Support to help lenders get more out of the company's technology offerings.

Click possesses more than 20 years of proven customer service experience both from the product and customer standpoint. As vice president of support, Click will head strategic initiatives to improve customer satisfaction and quality, as well as help Mortgage Cadence expand its operations. Click will also help to strengthen Mortgage Cadence’s commitment to its clients by eliminating upfront client issues and efficiently resolving issues thereafter.

He will also oversee Mortgage Cadence’s technical publications development and training (Mortgage Cadence University), with the main goal of improving customer use and satisfaction within these areas. As vice president of support, Click will be an integral part of product development in identifying areas within the system that need improvement. Other duties include enhancing the quality of updates, releases, training, and developing a customer satisfaction rating.

Expect to see more technology vendors paying more attention to the role of teaching lenders how to get more out of their software. It's likely to be a critical success factor in the future.

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