Secret! U: Walking the walk

As the mortgage cycle continues to slowly turn, it is likely that more professionals will be leaving the business from greener pastures. While the market today is still a much better place to make a living than it was 10 years ago, it can't compare to the glory days of the most recent refi-boom. I'm not sure this business is subject to the same market forces that once controlled it, but be that as it may, it is turning and fewer people will be employed here in the days ahead.

Those that remain will likely find it harder to make the kind of money they've made in the past. But, the best people are always in demand. The question is, how can you convince a potential partner (or employer) that you're among that number.

The best way to prove your valuable is always to be valuable. In the mortgage business, like any business, it comes down to ROI. For mortgage originators, that means closed loans. If you can draw in and close mortgage loans, you're going to do fine in the days ahead. Perhaps even better than before as there will be less competition and wholesale lenders will be doing more to support your efforts.

But what if you're just pretty good? Now would be the time to get some training. Coincidentally (actually, it's no coincidence as Peter Cugno, the man behind Secret! University has been around this business for some time), you can now become a certified mortgage professional (CMP) through training offered by Secret! University.

I'm always skeptical of programs that offer to give you a piece of paper to prove that you can do something (preferring to just prove that I can do something), but I am impressed with the depth of information the company promises to deliver. From the basics of industry terminology to ethics (something even some of the industry's largest companies haven't figured out yet), the curriculum is surprisingly complete. I can't vouch for the actual lesson plans as I haven't attended the courses, but I can say that the company's timing is right.

In the end, whether you sport a CMP designation or not is probably not going to be as persuasive as your actual on-the-job results, but the right training can improve your results. So, it might be worth checking out.

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