Kaleidico : Sales management and Twitter

Bill Rice and his team at Kaleidico have launched a new tool that provides sales lead management through Twitter. He calls the new tool Sales-Twit and explains it on his blog.

I've been trying to use Twitter for a month or so now (after abandoning it once already), but I haven't taken it to the mobile phone. I use Utterz for posting from the smart phone.

What Kaleidico is doing takes this tool to a new level. If it is successful, it might be a better way for many field-based salespeople (real estate agents, insurance agents, etc.) to manage their lead pipelines. I plan on learning more about the tool and will report back.


Bill Rice said…
Thanks for checking us out. SalesTwit is getting a lot of interest from a broad audience, mortgage, insurance, marketing, freelancers, etc.

It simply activates your address book feeding you those ticklers to contact folks. Or, if you are a lead buyer you can use one of the pre-integrated lead providers on our network.

It may be helpful to your readers to see SalesTwit! in action on this video.

SalesTwit! is free and you can get into the closed beta at www.salestwit.com using the invite code: bill.

Tell me what you think on Twitter: http://twitter.com/billrice

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