PMI: Teaching from the Web

PMI Mortgage Insurance Co., a subsidiary of the PMI Group Inc. (NYSE:PMI) , has launched its PMI Training Bootcamp, an online training website for customers to better leverage the Web as a training tool. The site is expected to significantly extend the reach and resources of PMI's training department.

According to the company, PMI can now provide customers with educational information about PMI's products and services, without increasing headcount or incurring the operational costs of trainer fees and travel. Now, the majority of the company's training modules will be delivered online via both webinar and on-demand.

PMI offers residential mortgage insurance and credit enhancement products, financial guaranty insurance, and financial guaranty reinsurance. The products are sold to borrowers by the lender, making it important that loan officers are properly trained to explain the benefits of the products.

"Our industry has changed dramatically in the last year, whether it's changes in GSE loan limits, old customers leaving the market, or new customers being introduced to PMI for the first time," said Jesse Rivera, vice president of marketing for PMI Mortgage Insurance Co. "PMI Training Bootcamp is a fast, efficient way to maintain our existing staffing levels, while continuing to expand training opportunities and grow our customer base."


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