Loan-Score passes the 10 year mark

Congratulations to Loan-Score Decisioning Systems, Irvine, Calif. The company announced recently that it is now celebrating its 10-year anniversary. The firm provides an enterprise-class pricing and automated underwriting solution for the mortgage industry.

"Since our inception, we have remained committed to developing leading pricing and automated underwriting solutions that extend to the point-of-sale and integrate with disparate applications," said David P. Colwell, EVP at Loan-Score. "Our rules engine is proven to automate business critical functions at the point-of-sale for loan officers and brokers as well as in the back office for processors, underwriters and secondary marketing mangers. Collectively, the team at Loan-Score is loaded with industry experience to provide our clients with excellence in service. We are proud to be able to say we’ve been doing this now for ten years and we will continue with our best-of-breed approach to integrate with LOS platforms and additional applications from other vendors."

Loan-Score's rules engine was developed in 2000 as a configurable platform for ease of change management thus enabling the company to be able to respond quickly and accurately to market shifts to rates, guidelines and products

Loan-Score straddles the line separating product and pricing engines (PPEs) and automated underwriting systems (AUS) and is in use for retail, wholesale, correspondent and consumer direct lending.


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