Motivity platform live at Tennessee lender

Motivity Solutions, Greenwood, Colo., now reports that its Movation Business Management Platform has been live with Mortgage Investors Group, an independent mortgage lender in Tennessee, since May, a feat the company says it accomplished in only 30 days.

“Movation is an incredible platform,” said Christine C. Rhea, president of Mortgage Investors Group. “Motivity Solutions’ phased approach to providing Mortgage Investors Group with valuable executive insight and then deploying vital operational components including business rules, automated workflow and imaging to further drive efficiencies and sales across our enterprise was key to our decision to select them as our technology partner going forward."

Movation is the award-winning Business Management Platform that combines a company’s existing systems to fill technology gaps, optimize the organization, and simplify how the company does business. Movation provides business intelligence and reporting, automated workflow, a business rules management system, electronic content management and distribution, and enhanced relationship management through a fully integrated CRM.

It also offers a number of industry veterans to those interested in finding out more about the company and it's products, most notably Gabe Minton (formerly of MBA and MISMO) and Lisa Springer (formerly of Mortgage Cadence, where Gabe also served for a time).

“It is challenging to find a technology partner that effectively combines mortgage-centric subject matter expertise and superior technology to address the challenges facing lenders today,” said Len Tichy, managing director of IT advisory services for Stratmor Group who advises Mortgage Investors Group on mortgage-related technology strategy. “Motivity Solutions provides this unique combination through the Movation Business Management Platform and as a result were able to quickly and easily configure Movation to utilize the innovative methods that Mortgage Investors Group needs to drive the success of their company,” Tichy said in a release.

I saw a demo of the Motivity solution earlier this year and was quite impressed. At the time, I wondered whether any lender could implement the system in a reasonable time, given its flexibility regarding the combination of multiple data sources. I commend the company on getting this client in motion on its system so quickly. Standing by for the next Motivity update.


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