Moretech Delivers Telephone Integration for Marksman

Just got off the phone with Don Kracl, CEO of Moretech. Was visiting about the company's new Marksman Communication Package. Using software and existing technological infrastructure, the company can now allow loan originators who get leads online to call on borrowers with a single click. The system can be configured to use any existing phone line. It only requires a phone line and an internet connection to set up.

This is not IP telephony. It actually uses the communications tech the company already has in place. Kracl says this makes it much easier to set up and use.

Further, the Marksman Communication Package is directly integrated in Marksman to manage a mortgage company’s entire lead pipeline. Marksman’s Click-to-Dial feature allows loan officers to place a call with a simple click of a mouse while logged in their Marksman account. Calls are instantly placed on a specific phone application such as an office phone line or even a mobile device.

Management can also setup call routing, lead assignment and transfer rules so leads are distributed by such parameters as branch, campaign, state or loan officer. As soon as a new lead enters Marksman, individual loan officers are notified and able to call the lead via a dynamic pop-up window within Marksman. All lead details are included and seamlessly transferred into the user’s Marksman account upon lead capture. Call monitoring is available to help supervisors track company production and performance.

“Getting to leads first is an integral part of being competitive, especially with online lenders,” said President of Mortech, Don Kracl. “The faster originators can get to a lead the higher the chances are they’ll be able to convert the prospect. We developed this package to equip our customers with customized, practical technologies designed to capitalize on their leads.”

Moretech is integrating its tools with LOSs now. In Kracl’s words, “We’re not trying to own the world, just do what we do best and let our partners do what they do best.”

Find out more about the offering on the company's website.


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