New Vendor Manager for Independent Title Agents

Although 2011 has witnessed a good deal of market volatility and consolidation, a new contender has announced its intentions in the title industry. NITA Solutions (“NITA”), Boise, Idaho, is a network of independent title agencies unified at a central point of contact to distribute title and escrow orders to any market in the country through an electronic “dashboard.” NITA stands for National Independent Title Agents.

The Boise-based company serves as the lynchpin between independent agencies and mortgage lenders, asset managers, title agencies and others placing title orders in any geographic market. While NITA maintains the communications and logistical process, the independent agency fulfills the order. The key is a proprietary technology dashboard which provides transparency to the client at all times, while freeing the local agency to focus on finalizing the title order quickly and effectively.

President Doug Brigham notes that the strength of NITA’s unique business model depends upon the independent agency. “We have built a web portal that allows independent agents to exchange transactions. NITA also serves as a single point of contact for lenders and asset managers, allowing them to locate agents anywhere in the country.”

The process begins when the customer places an order through NITA’s web dashboard at There is no charge for the order. The transaction is then automatically forwarded to the appropriate agent in the market where the property is located.

“If you’re a national, regional or local lender, asset manager, real estate broker, or a title agent; why should you spend time finding a title agent in thousands of cities across the country? “ said Brigham. “Moreover, locally-based agencies have proven time and again that they offer the highest quality service and the best turnaround times. NITA gives those agents the ability to combine their coverage to create a nationwide footprint which can compete for national accounts.”

In the early stages of its existence, NITA has already placed over $100 million of transactions for its agent network.

Although NITA has agent coverage in all 50 states, Brigham says that the company continues to seek additional independent title agents. To learn more, go to


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