Security Service Federal Credit Union Selects Mortgage Cadence

Mortgage Cadence, LLC, Denver, a leading provider of Enterprise Lending Solutions (ELS), Default Servicing Technology and Document Services for the financial services industry, has been selected by Security Service Federal Credit Union (SSFCU) to replace their document and loan origination solutions with Mortgage Cadence Orchestrator and Finale Document Services. These two products, combined with ongoing compliance enforcement provided by Mortgage Cadence, allow SSFCU to expand their business by employing the most advanced mortgage technology on the market.

“SSFCU has successfully managed mortgage complexity while maintaining company loan volume targets over the years,” said David Brown, vice president of Mortgage Services for SSFCU. “When we decided to increase our operational capacity, we knew that mushrooming regulatory oversight and our paper-dominated, manual processes were obstacles we had to overcome. We needed proven workflow efficiencies and process controls to manage our growth and maintain quality,” Brown added. “Mortgage Cadence Orchestrator provides dynamic workflow and automation capabilities, along with business policy and compliance enforcement gains – all significant factors in our decision to partner with Mortgage Cadence.”

Mortgage Cadence continues to lead the way and set the industry standard of Enterprise Lending technology solutions and services. By not only providing rules-based workflow automation but also compliance support, Lenders are able to focus on their business and allow the technology to do the heavy lifting. In addition, Finale Document Services couples with Orchestrator to enable dynamic form creation allowing Credit Unions like SSFCU to remove manual paper processes, accelerate the lending process, and increase customer satisfaction. Adapting to change is more important now than ever, and offering a solution capable of growing with business processes by effectively scaling to fit all future needs separates Mortgage Cadence from any other mortgage technology provider currently in the industry.

“Lenders need to up their industry standards for mortgage technology in order to thrive in today’s lending environment,” Michael Detwiler, chief executive officer of Mortgage Cadence said. “Continuing to stay complacent with failing systems and manual processes will only lead to self-destruction. Security Service understood that in order to continue to grow, it was necessary to consolidate manual and disparate systems for one, complete end-to-end technology solution. This new partnership demonstrates a trend in our industry where Lenders are beginning to opt for advanced technology solutions in place of attempting to build a team around disparate and incomplete offerings. Mortgage Cadence will continue to forge the way and be the go-to end-to-end Enterprise Lending and Document and Compliance Services provider.”

RGA has been hired to write for this company from time to time, but we had no hand in this announcement and congratulate Mortgage Cadence on a great client win.


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