Acris Takes Cloud-Based VCO Product Line to New Markets

Acris Technology, Anaheim, Calif., a software development company and provider of cloud technologies for mortgage, real estate, tax and other industries, has announced it is expanding its Virtual Corporate Office (“VCO”) suite of products beyond the mortgage industry and into other markets, including real estate. The announcement was made at the 2011 National Association of Realtors Annual Convention and Expo in Anaheim.

Through a paperless, virtual environment, Acris Technology’s VCO suite empowers companies to manage purchase contracts, disclosure reports and emails as well as agent education, training, insurance and compensation. Featuring cloud-delivered virtual desktops, loan origination and processing software, paperless document storage, digital signature technology and VoIP telephony, the VCO is designed to reduce IT costs.

“Fully realized, cloud technology transforms how organizations handle information, communications and workflow by removing all the heavy lifting behind their IT efforts,” said Acris Technology CEO Martin Williams. “We have already seen what VCO can do for the mortgage business. Lenders that are moving their IT infrastructure to the cloud are realizing greater efficiency and security at a lower expense. They are also expanding their geographic footprint by enabling employees to work from anywhere. When leveraged for other industries, particularly those with mobile workforces such as real estate, VCO can deliver equally compelling results.”

Developed and refined over a period of 12 years, Acris Technology’s VCO technology was in use privately by Laguna Hills, California-based Millennia Mortgage to process over $10 billion in funded loans. Earlier this year, the Mortgage VCO suite of cloud-based technology was unveiled to mortgage bankers, regional and community banks, credit unions, and other mortgage lenders.

The VCO suite begins with Acris Technology’s Citrix-based VCO Desk platform, which is now being made available for other markets. VCO Desk delivers a Windows desktop environment to any computer, laptop, thin client, iPad or tablet PC with a high-speed Internet connection, and includes the Microsoft Office® suite and MS Exchange® Server. Almost any third-party or proprietary software can be hosted and delivered through VCO Desk’s secure Citrix® environment, giving users one place to access all their technology.

"It did not take long to realize what we have built for the mortgage industry has capabilities far beyond the field,” said Richard Johnston, president of Acris Technology. “We chose the National Association of Realtors’ annual event to make this announcement because there are so many crossover benefits of virtualization for real estate and mortgage professionals. Outside of VCO Lend, our paperless loan origination software, all our VCO products are extremely well-suited to any business that handles large amounts of data, requires heavy documentation and has an eye towards operating in the cloud.”


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