Vendor Success Story: Better Business Practices Achieved by Discarding Homegrown Technologies

Mortgage Cadence, LLC, a leading provider of Enterprise Lending Solutions (ELS), Default Servicing Technology and Document Services for the financial services industry, has been selected by Generation Mortgage Company to replace its homegrown lending system with Mortgage Cadence’s enterprise lending platform, Orchestrator®, Finale Document Services and the Mortgage Cadence Opus imaging solution. This completely configurable end-to-end product suite will support their need for greater efficiency and scalability in multiple business channels under the umbrella of a single solution.

Generation Mortgage looked to Mortgage Cadence for a complete and comprehensive system integration. Upgrading from an in-house lending system to a fully scalable platform provided unlimited configuration capabilities in one centralized location and facilitated the competitive advantages sought by Generation Mortgage.

“Making the transition from our own technology to working with Mortgage Cadence will allow us to focus on our business processes and strategies,” said Chief Operating Officer from Generation Mortgage, Mark Sohl. “The ability to leverage Mortgage Cadence will enable us to focus our time and energy on continuing to provide the superior customer service in which we pride ourselves.”

Sustaining a competitive presence in a lending environment with increased Federal and State requirements is a large feat for lenders attempting to be their own product development company on top of being a mortgage company.

“When Generation Mortgage came to us, it was apparent that we could provide a system that exceeds their needs” said Michael Detwiler, chief executive officer for Mortgage Cadence. “Once we were able to demonstrate our unmatched technology and the true power behind it, Generation Mortgage had no doubt Mortgage Cadence was the right solution for them.”


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