Why People Who Are Already Successfully Find Most Success with Social Media

Why is it that the people who seem to get the most out of social media are the ones that were doing great before the advent of social media? It’s almost like only those who already have a huge audience are capable of attracting a huge audience online. Why is that?

People who are already successful in their businesses are doing a few things right. They probably have the operational side of their business down and have been creating satisfied customers--a valued commodity when you move into social media. They have also probably got the promotional side of their business down and know what marketing messages they must send out into the marketplace in order to get prospects to willingly enter the buy zone.

In other words, successful companies come to social media with a marketing communications strategy already mapped out and the success stories to power it. They treat the various social media as just additional communications channels, not individual solutions. When you think about this, it makes a lot of sense.

When we have car trouble and we need to take it to the shop, do we seek out a mechanic that’s really, really good with a wrench or a set of sockets? No, we look for a complete solution with the end goal in mind (our car, working perfectly) and when we find such a solution, we’re not surprised at all that our mechanic makes use of a wide range of tools in its delivery.

So, why is it that we think that Twitter or LinkedIn or Facebook can be a stand-alone solution when, in reality, they are only tools that can (and should) be part of a unified marketing communications program built to support a good strategy for meeting the company’s goals.

Well, you probably don’t think that, and that’s a good thing.

Do you have your communications strategy all worked out? Do you know the four types of stories you must tell your prospects in order to make them feel comfortable doing business with you and have you build them into your strategy? If you want to visit about this, give me a call. But whatever you do, don't jump into social media expecting it to be a communications strategy. Get your strategy down first.


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