What goes on here?

Think of this as a dusty old book taken down from a shelf long ignored. When I started this blog, the concept of writing short pieces and sticking them out on the Internet, without the benefit of a publication brand to promote them and make them visible, was very new. It's old school now, eroded away by even shorter forms of communication, darts of data that have the power to break through the noise and get some attention in a world that has become so filled with crowd sounds that it's almost impossible to follow a conversation, of any length.

In such a world, what could possibly be the value of pulling down this dusty book? The answer to that lies at the very end of the beast, in the long tail.

My roots, for better or worse, go back to writing about financial services technology. I'm one of the few, weird ones who loves both complicated worlds. There are still stories here to be told, perhaps more and more interesting ones than ever. The few that have any interest in these things, those out on the long tail of the search spectrum, may be interested in those stories. And so, I plan to tell some more of them here.

I'm thinking of it as a rebirth of an old column, a revisiting of a favored topic. Exactly the kind of thing one might expect to find in an old forgotten book, if the pages were somehow magically still being added. If you're one who shares that sentiment, welcome to my notebook.


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